4-Year Program


Mr. Lawlor - Intro to Carpentry

Mr. McDonnell - Sustainable Gardening; Discovering Computer Science

Ms. Robie - NH-JAG

Mr. Seward - Home Maintenance & Repair

Ms. Strout - Intro to Business

English Language Learning

Mr. McDonald - English Learners

Health/Physical Education

Ms. Holtsberg - Health & Physical Education

Ms. Lane-Theriault - Health & Physical Education


Humanities is the study of human society and culture through

different academic disciplines (English and Social Studies)

Mr. Bowe - Humanities I/Humanities II

Ms. Corey - Humanities I/Humanities II

Ms. Kilar - Humanities; Latin I

Mr. Miller - Humanities I/Humanities II; Psychology

Mr. Parker - Humanities I

Mr. Perry - Humanities II; College Composition

Ms. Seward - Humanities II; Integrated English; Creative Writing

Ms. Van Uden - Humanities I


Ms. Cardin - Geometry

Ms. Egan - Algebra I; Calculus

Ms. Havron - Algebra II; Trigonometry; Business Math

Ms. Robinson - Geometry; Algebra; Integrated Geometry

Ms. Tessier - Algebra I; Pre-Calculus


Mr. Cassidy/Ms. Robinson - Physical Science

Mr. Cayer - Physical Science

Ms. McCall - Physical Science; Chemistry

Mr. Miller - Biology; Biotechnology

Special Education

Ms. Bright - Academic Support

Ms. Jepson - Academic Support

World Languages

Ms. Fennell - French I / French II

Ms. Rush - Spanish I / Spanish II