How is the educational experience at MST different from a traditional high school?

Learning is a process that requires engagement on the part of the learner. At MSTHS we work hard to allow our students to have as much voice and choice in their learning as possible. There are two education systems used by our staff that make this possible. The two tools are Competency and Project Based Education. A structured and intentional application of these two powerful tools results in a rich learning environment, one centered around engaged learners. Students work independently or in small groups and decide what their project will look like or be about. The teacher provides the pace and guidelines on what is required to show that the student has met those requirements.

Here is an extremely interesting video clip (11:40 min long) from world renowned educator Sir Ken Robinson. It may give you greater understanding on why we need to move away from the traditional learning model created in the 1800’s.

Changing Education Paradigms

The following article, written by Chris Sturgis, takes a closer look at the differences between of traditional educational system of a competency based educational system.

How Competency-Based Education Differs from the Traditional System