What kind of assessments are given and how is progress measured (graded)?

Our students are expected to be engaged in their learning, and often the facilitators of how they learn and what they learn. At the beginning of their courses, students are assessed or evaluated on what they currently know and are able to do. Teachers will work with the students to either “catch them up” or “push them forward”. Classes are not leveled. Teachers work with the students as individuals on continual improvement of assignments until the student reaches a “3” meaning proficiency. Students wanting to attain a higher assessment level will continue by demonstrating greater understanding and applications showing their ability to excel. Students must attain a “3” in each competency of each course to attain credit in that course.

At MSTHS student progress is continually tracked and available to both students and parents 24/7 either using ASPEN, the district student management system, or Google Classroom, a popular and ever present learning application. Each quarter student progress is recorded and a progress report card is issued. Each quarter, a student’s “report card”, shows how they are progressing towards competency in their courses. Teacher comments are critical to conveying whether the student is working and putting forth effort. There can be up to five pages depending on a student's course load.

MSTHS Sample Progress Report Card