Residential Plumbing

In Plumbing I, students will be exposed to the hand tools, power tools and piping material (PVC, PEX, copper) required to completely install the plumbing within a residential structure. Students will also learn how to hard and soft solder using oxy/acetylene, acetylene, liquid propane and mapp.

Plumbing students work with other MST construction students to completely construct a residential home in our nearby subdivision every year. There you will be participating in the installation of all the plumbing phases within that home according to the New Hampshire Plumbing Code requirements.

In Plumbing II, students will be introduced to different hydronic heating systems, both oil and gas fired. Students will learn how a Beckett oil burner operates, the function of each component within that burner as well as the proper way to wire the various primary controls.

In addition, students participate in the complete installation of a forced hot water oil fired (oil tank) heating system including all piping and electrical for the home.

Students may apply the 720 class hours of the Plumbing program towards the New Hampshire Plumbing Apprenticeship Program.

Program Requirement:

Students must be 16 years old by November 1st of the enrollment year