In HVAC I, students learn about each individual component of a Beckett oil burner, how it functions and will completely assemble and wire it. Students are exposed to different hydronic heating systems and how to install them efficiently. Additional skills include the proper installation of an oil tank and how to thread black pipe.

Students also learn all the different components required and necessary to pipe and wire a hydronic forced hot water boiler system.

In HVAC II, students learn all about series and parallel circuits and the wiring of a complete split A/C system. Additional skills include duct work installation, proper piping techniques (silver soldering with oxy/acetylene and nitrogen), charing and startup.

The HVAC program is also designed to expose students to the proper use of hand and power tools used in the HVAC industry.

Program Requirement:

Students must be 16 years old by November 1st of the enrollment year