Game Design

Career Paths

  • Level Designer

  • Creative Artist

  • Technical Artist

  • Animator

  • Programmer

  • Game Management

  • Graphic Designer

  • Character Designer

Game Design is a two-year comprehensive program that allows students to explore all aspects of the exciting world of game design. Students have access to professional industry software and devices. Throughout the program, students will be creating games on multiple platforms, individually and in teams. This program prepares students to take multiple professional certificates and readies them for post-secondary game development programs in universities across the United States.

Level 1 students will engage in hands-on learning of the foundational elements of programming, digital content creation programs, and team game production.

Level 2 students will continue to build games while diving deeper into a chosen pathway (game programmer, character animator, level designer, 3D world builder, 2D artist, etc.).

The skills learned here are in high demand in multiple industries, such as entertainment, engineering, manufacturing, research and development, and education.