Business Studies


  • Small Business

  • Franchise Systems

  • Product/Service Sector

  • Organizational Behavior

  • Workforce Development

  • Consumer Behavior

  • Business Ethics

  • Management Processes

  • Human Resources

  • Marketing/Promotion

  • Finance

Dual Enrollment

This program is a Running Start program, which awards transferrable college credit to students who enroll.

Do you have a marketable skill, talent or product that you would like to introduce to the market? Perhaps you have a dream of owning your own business. Maybe you have plans to take on a family business; or you anticipate a career in retail management. Regardless, you ARE already a consumer of products and services. An understanding of the “business of doing business” is practical knowledge you are certain to use in everyday life.

Year 1

Principles of Business

In your first year, you will be exposed to business terminology and best practices. We will study various business models within our area through field trips, guest speakers, hands-on projects and research.

Year 2

Applied Business

Utilizing our school’s retail space, students will demonstrate what they have learned by making business decisions on products and promotions based on market research; as well demonstrating management skills and basic business operations needed to run a successful establishment. Students will also work on a business plan of their own. Second year students will also have the opportunity to gain real life learning experiences through job shadowing, internships and collaborative projects with area businesses.