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Community College System of NH eStart Online Dual Credit Program

The eStart program enables high school students to take community college courses for dual high school AND college credit. Courses offered through the eStart program are 100% online college courses. eStart is an excellent opportunity for high school students to enhance their educational experience, and get an early and affordable start on their college careers.

Registration for the Spring 2021 semester is now open.

The courses dates are January 19, 2021 – May 07, 2021.

For more on the eStart program click here: Community College System of NH eStart Program

College Applications

Most colleges now allow you to apply using the Common Application. This lets you create one application and send it to many schools at once. Visit their website for more details.

College Search Websites:

College Recommendations

Part of your college application will include recommendations written by your teachers and/or guidance counselors. Please be sure to ask for the recommendations well in advance.

Please complete the following documents and provide them to your teachers and counselors when asking for recommendations:

Brag Sheet - For Teachers

Brag Sheet - For Counselors

Parent Questionnaire - For Counselors


Many colleges and universities require that you take a standardized test and provide the results along with your application. The two tests generally used are the SAT and the ACT. For information about the difference between the two tests, visit the Princeton Review website.

Frequently Asked Questions about SAT/ACT

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There are thousands of scholarships available. Do NOT pay for scholarship information! Any scholarship that asks for a fee may be fraudulent! Please check with the Career Center office with any questions.

MST Scholarships

Other Scholarship Websites

Financial Aid

College is expensive, and scholarships don't always cover the entire cost of tuition. However, there is often financial aid available to students and families. Visit for details about how to pay for college.

In order to qualify for financial aid, students and families will need to fill out the FAFSA form. This can be done online at the official FAFSA website. Filling out this form is FREE.

You can also search specifically for lower-cost colleges on the Affordable Colleges Online website.

Other Financial Aid Websites: