Virtual Open House

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Careers & Technical Education (CTE)

Manchester School of Technology High School

Automotive Technology

Mr. Beaumont & Mr. McNally

Automotive Technology Promotional Video

MSTHS OPEN HOUSE VIDEO - General Information

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Business Principles 1 & 2

Ms. Strout

By clicking on the link below, you will get a glimpse of the type of projects students in Business Principles 1 & 2 are involved with. Their work in both business and marketing has been featured throughout the community.

Business Principles on WMUR

Ms. Stephen

MSTHS General Questions and Career Counselor

Careers in Education

Ms. McDonough

Careers in Education Overview

Latin I

Ms. Kilar

Latin I Promotional Video

Collision Repair & Refinishing

Mr. Roberge

Collision Repair & Refinishing Virtual Tour

World Language - Spanish

Ms. Rush

Spanish Interactive Site

Math Department

Ms. Cardin, Ms. Egan, Ms. Havron, Ms. Robinson,

& Ms. Tessier

Math Class Promotional Video

Culinary Arts

Chef McGee

Culinary Arts Informational Tour

Academic Support

Ms. Bright & Ms. Jepson

Ms. Bright's Introductory Video

Design Communication

Mr. Koziatek

Design Communication Web Page

Biology & Chemistry

Ms. McCall

What Is Science? Video

Electrical Technology

Mr. LaFlamme

Electrical Promotional Video

Physical Education & Health

Ms. Lane-Theriault (aka - Ms. LT)

Physical Education


Exploring Career Opportunities

Ms. Shurtleff

Exploring Career Opportunities is a life centered, career readiness and exploration class. This is a year long, 100 minute class of daily curriculum giving students the tools they need to succeed into adulthood. This course is geared toward certificate of completion students, aged 16-21. With career readiness in mind, our class works on many aspects of career opportunities.

Our class also covers the basic necessities of life, ie. manners and healthy habits of mind and body. This class alternates year long goals between kindness and humanitarianism. If the student takes this class for 2 years, they will learn and perfect how to be mindful of others and treat other people with respect and care.

My class curriculum includes working collectively with many other CTE programs at MST. In fact, many aspects of this class, my students will have fantastic opportunities to work alongside their typical peers.

Humanities I

Mr. Parker & Ms. Van Uden

Humanities I Promotional Video

Fire Science/EMT

Lt. Roy

Fire Science & EMT Promotional Video

Humanities I & III

Mr. Bowe & Ms. Corey

Humanities I & III Promotional Video

Green Technology, Landscaping, & Horticulture

Mr. McDonnell

Green Technology, Landscaping, & Horticulture Promotional Video

Humanities II

Mr. Miller & Mr. Perry

College Compostion

Humanities II

Physical Science

Mr. Cayer

Mr Cayer's Introductory Video

Manufacturing Technology

Mr. Cassidy

Manufacturing & Aviation Build Promotional Video

Public Safety & Law

Ms. Dobmeier

Public Safety & Law Promotional Video

Residential Carpentry

Mr. Lawlor

Residential Carpentry Tour

Video & Digital Media

Mr. Lord

Video & Digital Media Classroom Tour