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Quarter 2 Remote Spotlight

Quarter 2 Nominees

Vanessa is a Junior who was nominated by Ms. Havron, her Business Math teacher, and by Chef McGee, her CTE Culinary Arts teacher. Ms. Havron says that Vanessa is a positive, engaged student. When she joins Business Math class virtually it is always with a sunny "hello". She is willing to participate in group discussions, and her work is submitted timely and at a high level of competency. Any company would benefit from having Vanessa as an employee! Chef McGee says that Vanessa is a positive and inquisitive student who participates in class discussions and has a nearly perfect attendance. Vanessa is friendly with her peers, and has established a great report with both her classmates and her instructor. Vanessa is timely with assignments and completes her required tasks in a punctual manner. She is also an excellent writer! Vanessa's graduation goal is to pursue her dream of owning and operating her own business by continuing her education in the area of baking and pastry.

Eric is a Senior who was nominated by Ms. Strout, his CTE Business Principles teacher. Ms. Strout says that Eric has already completed the Design Communication CTE program, and is now in his second year of Business. His goal is to merge the two disciplines as he pursues a career as a licensed architect. Eric is a problem solver, and pays great attention to detail. De is always ready to volunteer, and has no problem with working to make other shine while he makes it all work from behind the scenes. He is the type of person that will always be a tremendous asset to any team. Eric's graduation goal is to study Architectural Design at the University of Hartford where he has already been accepted for classes in September.

Jonathan is a Junior who was nominated by Mr. Lawlor, his CTE Residential Carpentry teacher. Mr. Lawlor says that Jonathan is an outstanding student who is always taking the lead on projects. He is always ready to learn and is super helpful with the other students in class. Jonathan's graduation goals is construction work in the military.

Samantha is a Sophomore who was nominated by Ms. Kilar, her Latin/Humanities II teacher, and by Ms. Robinson, her Integrated Physics and Manufacturing Technology teacher. Ms. Kilar says that Samantha is an excellent student. She takes feedback really well, and is always looking to improve her work. Ms. Robinson says that Samantha has consistently exhibited the willingness to excel. She strives to expand her skill sets, and shows excellent work ethic. She has a positive demeanor and qualities as a team player that promote fun while training to be a young apprentice.

Christopher is a Sophomore who was nominated by Ms. McCall, his Biology teacher. Ms. McCall says that Christopher is attentive to his academics and his attendance. He faces challenges at times, but he perseveres!

Giana Marie is a Freshman who was nominated by Mr. Cayer, her Physical Science teacher. Mr. Cayer says that Giana Marie is always polite, participates in class often, and hands in work that is carefully and correctly done. Giana is a pleasure to have in class!

Colin is a Freshman who was nominated by Dr. Egan, his Algebra/Geometry teacher. Dr. Egan says that Colin completed all of Algebra I in the first half of the school year, and is making great progress moving through Geometry! He is great at communicating and continues to demonstrate maturity. Such a great job!

Blaise is a Sophomore who was nominated by Ms. Murphy, his CTE Health Science teacher. Ms. Murphy says that Blaise is an exceptional student. He always comes to class well prepared and up for anything. He has a positive attitude and always participates in class. He is always willing to help his peers. He has plans to further his education with a keen interest in neurosurgery. His calm demeanor and ability to pick up information will help him reach his goals. Blaise's graduation goals is to attend college in the fall.

Isaiah is a Freshman who was nominated by Ms. Rush, his Spanish teacher. Ms. Rush says Isaiah is a model student. His work is consistently exceptional because of his diligent work ethic, his sustained effort, and his intrinsic desire to learn. He always challenges himself to do his very best in Spanish class.

Brandon is a Senior at Memorial who was nominated by Mr. LaFlamme, his CTE Electrical Technology teacher at MST. Mr. LaFlamme says that Brandon sets the pace for all three classes on learning the operation of tools and installing equipment. He has been sharpening his skills as a craftsman, and is always asking, "What's the new project in the classroom?" Brandon will be joining his brother at Longchamps Electric after graduation, and will make a great asset to their team!