Remote Spotlight

Quarter 1 Remote Spotlight Students

Nominees - January 20, 2021

Ashton is a Sophomore who was nominated by Ms. McCall, his Physical Science teacher. Ms. McCall says that Ashton took responsibility for academic success by attending class and Wednesday sessions to complete the Physical Science curriculum.

Ian is a Freshman who was nominated by Mr. Cayer, his Physical Science teacher. Mr. Cayer says that Ian is very disciplined and even though this class has been tough for him, he has completed all of his work on time.

Desire is a Junior who was nominated by Ms. Tremblay, her CTE Cosmetology teacher. Ms. Tremblay says that Desire greets her daily with a positive and respectful "Good morning Ms. Trem!" This greeting launches the day for the team, because it sounds like a song! Desire sets up her station in the most professional manner; always looks very sanitary and safe. Desire brings a polished detail to her finished lab work assignments, and prides herself in putting forth her best work each day. In the classroom before going to remote learning, Desire performed classroom management duties. Everything was on radar with Desire, and Ms. Tremblay appreciated this new management style. Everything was completed and checked off, thanks to Desire. As a new professional, Desire can look forward to a rewarding career in servicing clients within the beauty industry. Desire's graduation goals are becoming a top professional stylist/manager/salon owner in the field of Cosmetology.

StacyLee is a Junior who was nominated by Ms. Chase, her CTE Cosmetology teacher. Ms. Chase says that StacyLee is one of those students that a teacher dreams of having in class! She consistently goes above and beyond what is asked of her. StacyLee is also an honest and trustworthy student, and has shown this by being in charge of the department inventory. She makes sure that everything is in its rightful place and is accounted for. Recently, when Ms. Chase was informed that MST would be returning to remote learning, she knew that she could count on StacyLee to get supplies bagged and labeled for all the students on the class roster. StacyLee created take home kits for every student in the Cosmetology department and handed them out. She also kept track of each student, making sure each received what was necessary. StacyLee has a lot on her plate, as she enrolled in a second and third year of Cosmetology simultaneously! She plans on graduating from MSTHS in her Junior year, and will continue with Cosmetology working along side her grandmother, mother, and sister as a third generation hairstylist!

Bruno is a Freshman who was nominated by Ms. Egan, his Algebra and Geometry teacher. Ms. Egan says that Bruno demonstrates prior knowledge of required Algebra skills, so he took the opportunity to test out of it, and begin work on Geometry. He is on his way to completing both courses this school year! Great job, Bruno!

Damion is a Senior who was nominated by Ms. Strout, his CTE Business Principles & Marketing 2 teacher. Ms. Strout says that Damion had an exceptional start to this school year. He was featured on the WMUR NH Business segment where he shared ideas as to how the transportation industry could diversify its revenue through package delivery. Damion has also launched his first e-commerce business, along with his web site: He was instrumental in acquiring St. Mary's Bank financial support with his sponsorship solicitation collateral for the Culinary program's pumpkin carving event. Damion is an active participant in remote learning, and balances a sales associate position at a local retail business, along with everything else. Damion's graduation goals are to expand his product line while promoting socially responsible business practices that contribute to the community.

Noah is a Junior who was nominated by Mr. Lawlor, his CTE Residential Carpentry teacher. Mr. Lawlor says that Noah is an awesome student who loves carpentry! He always wants to learn new things, and loves a challenge. Noah gets along with his peers, and is always willing to help others.

Gary is a Freshman who was nominated by Ms. Lotz, his Biology teacher. Ms. Lotz says that Gary is a wonderful student. His work is always of a high quality, and he shows a genuine interest in his academics by asking questions and contributing unique information to class discussions.

Isaiah is a Junior who was nominated by Mr. Beaumont, his CTE Automotive Technology 2 teacher. Mr. Beaumont asks, "Where do I start? Isaiah is a great kid!" He says that Isaiah is a kind, courteous, and respectful young man who is helpful to everyone in his class. Isaiah has a great enthusiasm for school and his own education. He is ready for any task or challenge in the shop. He wants to succeed! Isaiah has been working as an Auto Technician for a while now, and he loves to work. He has good grades, and is doing well during these difficult times. Isaiah has Mr. Beaumont's full endorsement as a Remote Spotlight student at MST! Isaiah's graduation goals are to become an Automotive Technician.