School Community Projects

#BeKindMST - Kindness Campaign

Our goal for this year is to improve the school community by encouraging kindness.

Acts of Kindness

  • Hold the door open for someone

  • Help someone clean up their mess

  • Give compliments

  • Recycle!

  • Let someone go ahead of you in line

  • Smile at others

  • Offer help to someone who is struggling (ie: if upset, if being picked on, w/homework, w/a task, etc.)

  • Introduce yourself to someone new

  • Say "Please" and "Thank You"

  • When a peer is sitting alone, ask them to join you

  • Share!

  • Do the task no one else wants to do

  • Text words of encouragement to a friend

  • Make someone laugh

  • Eat lunch with someone new

  • Pick up trash and put it in the garbage (even if it's not yours)

  • Teach someone something new

  • Forgive others

  • If you see something out of place, FIX IT!

  • Do a chore without being asked

  • Stay positive for an entire day!