Extended Learning Opportunities
What is an ELO?

 The ELO Program in the Manchester School District is an opportunity for students to explore and receive credit for extended learning activities outside the traditional classroom, including, but not limited to, internships, community service, independent study, private instruction, work base learning and various other activities. The granting of credit shall be based on a student’s demonstration of course competencies, as approved by certified personnel. Through reflection activities, students examine their personal goals, skills, and value relating to the world of work. The ELO Program is open to everyone. Students must be able to commit to completing hours and meet regularly with their teacher to submit a journal as well as a final project presentation, which we encourage you to be part of. To learn more a student should consult their guidance counselor or ELO Coordinator

Manchester School District ELOs

Sample ELOs
   1. Humanities After School: Engage in college-level research on great human contributions from cultures represented by refugee and immigrant communities.
   2. College Access: Explore career options and receive mentoring to help with the higher education exploration, application and admission process.
   3. Computer Construction and Literacy: Learn about, build, install software, and take home a personal computer with assistance from Computer Science professors.
   4. Environmental Studies: Learn about biodiversity, GPS mapping and navigation.
   5. Public Achievement: Engage in hands-on civic projects for the community while learning about democracy, citizenship and public engagement.
  This is an intensive five-week program for girls focused around sexual health and overall wellness. The goal of the FOCUS Program is to provide reliable and accurate information to teen girls including abstinence and birth control options, the prevention of STIs, and healthy relationships.
   This program trains teens to be Peer Educators empowered with the real facts about health, relationships, and sexuality issues that many adolescents face. This is a national program of the YWCA.
B.R.I.N.G. IT!
   1. I Am My Own Champion, Student Success Skills and Habits: Based on the Productive Persistent Practical Framework developed by the Carnegie Foundation, this program helps students to develop learning and success skills and habits based on how they learn best.
   2. Introduction to Nursing and Advanced Introduction to Nursing: Taught by college level nursing faculty, in collaboration with the NH Diversity Pipeline Project, these programs offer minority, immigrant and refugee students in grades 9-12 the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the nursing profession and to begin to prepare to enter the nursing or health care field. Participation in the second semester advanced program requires successful completion of the first semester introductory program.
Youth Leadership Academy - Manchester Police Department and Community Advisory Board
   Run at the Manchester Police Department and through several field trips, the goal of this program is to develop a body of possible future community leaders. With help from a variety of speakers and instructors, students learn about such topics as the history of Manchester, diversity in the Manchester population, the importance of education, the NH judicial system, law enforcement, community resources, and basic leadership skills.
Young Organizers United - Granite State Organizing Project
   Through a variety of projects and engagement with elected officials, members focus on a wide range of systemic education issues that affect high school students in New Hampshire.
Earn and Learn Opportunities - Granite State Independent Living
   Earn and Learn Opportunities Program provides extended learning opportunities that combine soft skills training and education with on-the-job training for at-risk high school students with disabilities. Students will have the opportunity to earn ELO credits and gain skills in: career exploration, work experience in the community, independent living skills development, functional English and Math, information communication technology, health and fitness. The program is held at GSIL where students can attend the fall or spring 14 week session or the 5 week summer program. Participation is by referral from the point person (guidance counselor) from each high school.
Organization for Refugee and Immigrant Success
   1. Computer & Communication Internship Program: This is a Web Page Design course using a personal reflection, career exploration project that is presented in the form of a website. Students follow a detailed curriculum learning about idea generation, design basics, creative expression and marketing.
   2. Farm & Food Leaders Internship Program: This is an 8-week summer program. Working at Fresh Start Farms in Dunbarton, NH, and with various local farmer's markets and food coops, students will learn planting, cultivating, harvesting and marketing of a variety of vegetable crops. Competencies mastered will be a range of Plant Science skills.