Career Breakfasts
The career breakfast series is part of the career pathway of the month. Each month we feature one of our CTE programs in SSS. We have a display set up with items and information from the featured CTE and along with that we showcase the program on our TV. All of this is done by the program teacher and students. 

During that month, we host a career breakfast for the showcase pathway and invite industry professionals to come in and talk with students about their careers. We invite 1st and 2nd year students who might be interested in entering this pathway. We also invite one of the discovery classes. The objective is to have students learn more about the programs we have to offer.

We have 2-3 industry professionals introduce themselves and tell a little about their job and background. We then assign each guest to a table and have students join in. The rest is open-ended, give-and-take conversation (10-15 minutes). We want students to learn about what the job is like, what makes it interesting to the professionals, and what kind of skills and education are necessary to be successful. Mostly, we want the students to have fun and learn something.